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What is MailCity?

MailCity is the future of electronic communication...the world's best permanent, portable email service. Your email address will never change again! You can change jobs, switch service providers, or change your user ID without affecting your electronic mail address. MailCity provides you a permanent yet personal identity on the Internet. MailCity will provide you with a virtual email address. All mail sent to this virtual address will then be forwarded to your current address with your Internet Provider or employer. After you signup with MailCity, all that remains is for you to change your Return Address in your email program and tell all your friends that your new email address is It's just that simple. As long as you keep the forward mail address up-to-date at MailCity, our system will forward all of your mail to that location and you will never be out of touch. As a bonus you will get a DNS entry for free: we will point a hostname like "" to any one IP address of your choice.

Who needs MailCity?

1. People that change provider, job or relocate frequently.
2. People that do not have a "REAL" internet address. (e.g. 12345.6789@YouKnowWhat.Com)
3. People that do not want to use their work e-mail address for personal purpose.
They can tell their work related contact while telling all their friends and still receive all your mail at work.

Fees & Charges

Setting up your personal MailCity email address carries a one time setup fee starting at € 100,00. Every time you change your forwarding email address a fee of € 25,00 is charged. The half-yearly subscribtion fee is set at € 2,50, thats only just over one eurocent a day!

account typeaddress structureexamplesetup fee
basicat least 8 chrs. +€ 100,00
standardat least 9 chrs. no€ 1.000,00
plus8€ 2.000,00
extra7€ 3.000,00
premium6€ 5.000,00
elite5€ 10.000,00
bronze4€ 20.000,00
silver3€ 30.000,00
gold2€ 40.000,00
platinum1€ 50.000,00

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Our Policy on Junk Mail

MailCity will NOT sell our subscriber list to junk mail services or corporate entities!! This is something that will not change. We will provide you, upon sign-up, with the ability to request mailings regarding certain items of your choosing. You may choose many categories or you may choose none and remain junk-mail free. MailCity leaves the choices up to you! If you receive junk email (aka spam) through your MailCity account, simply forward a copy of the message to our abuse department. We will do our best to block future messages from the original sender.

Please note:
We are mailcity.WS and NOT mailcity.COM!!! Please send your abuse messages regarding to:

 And Counting!!!